Selected Solo Shows

2014 Charles Jacobsen - Mid Autumn Moon festival, commission series of prints from Asian Years. LA             2010 "The Pool Series" Loft 14 Dogtown Station. Venice CA USA.
2008 “Caroline Jones Open Studio - Teal St. Sculpture Studio” Culver City, CA USA.
2003 “Open Studios” Chelsea Bridge Studios. London, UK.
2001 “Crossing Asia” The Red Barn Atelier. Southampton New York. USA
2000 “Art Meets Fashion” No 1 On Lan Street. Hong Kong
2000 “Oils & Sketches from Chinese Turkestan, Tibet, Nepal &Bhutan,” Kowloon Club. Hong Kong
1998 “Works from Chinese Turkestan & and the Tibetan Plateau”. Art House Gallery. London.
1997 “The Art of Chinese Opera,” The Atrium, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong.
1997 “Disciples of the Pear Garden,” Sub Station, Guinness Gallery, Singapore.
1997 “The 1997 Fringe Festival.” Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong.
1996 “Beauty Defies Tyranny LKF The Gallery, Central. Hong Kong.
1996 “ Beauty Defies Tyranny”, Aberdeen Marina Club. Hong Kong.
1995 “Allegorical Dreams, the Beauty of the Myth,” Lan Kwai House, Central Hong Kong.
1994 “Allegorical Dreams, the Beauty of the Myth”, The China Club, Central. Hong Kong.
1990 “From around here”, Valderama Sotogrande, Spain
1990 “Paintings of Spain”, Galleria Altrezo, Marbella, Spain.